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Be the Change You Wish to See


Sheraton Princess Kaiulani, located on the historic grounds of Ainahau Estate, pays tribute to its past in everything from water stations to vegan friendly restaurant menus that are rooted in Waikiki's rich culinary heritage.

Chef Blake Kajiwara is passionate about supporting longstanding purveyor partners. "Garden and Valley Isle Seafood is our go-to for daily fresh fish; I've had a great working relationship with them for many, many years. Also, Ba Le Bakery is one of our favorites with their variety of specialty breads and desserts that really help enhance our menus."

The hotels are committed to protecting the fragile sustainable business practices, proactive community initiatives and investment in cutting-edge technology to provide guests with luxurious accommodations and signature service while conserving precious natural resources.

  • Local Purveyor Map
    Local Purveyor Map
    Splash Bar is proud to utilize the vibrant tapestry of our community and showcase the abundance of unique local farmers and suppliers.